The Wirearchy Makes Your Hierarchy Work

Simon Terry

Your hierarchy doesn’t work. It is. No value has ever been created down your hierarchy. Nothing of value occurs because of the flow of resources, information or power up and down a hierarchy.All the money invested in perfecting hierarchies through restructures are a massive exercise in waste. Much of the money in perfecting the flow of information up the hierarchy suffers the same fate. The focus on the hierarchy is a focuson status relationships, not the relationships of work.

The real engine of value in your organisation is the interactions and collaborations in and through the hierarchy. These collaborative relationships are where the work gets done and where the formal hierarchical decisions are shaped, influenced or frustrated.

The value that is created in any organisation comes from the wirearchy. Jon Husband’s working definition of wirearchy is

a dynamic two-way flow ofpower and authority,based on knowledge, trust, credibility anda focus onresults…

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