Révolution digitale : nouvelle destruction massive d’emplois ?

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L’iconomie devient tous les jours une réalité et nous percevons à titre personnel beaucoup d’avantages, mais aussi parfois, et le plus souvent, à titre professionnel certains inconvénients ou au moins quelques sources d’inquiétudes.

Il y a eu en mars 2012, la publication par Mc Kinsey du rapport : The future of work in advanced economy, dans lequel on pouvait lire :

Over the past three decades, technology has altered how production and routine transaction work is done, substituting machines for assembly-line workers and ATMs for bank tellers, for example. The next frontier is interaction work, the fastest-growing employment category.
This includes employees performing low-skill jobs that must be done face-to-face (for example, day-care work), as well as the managers and professionals who are the costliest resources.

Jobs in advanced economies are increasingly for high-skill workers.

Most job growth in mature economies involves complex interactions, not routine production or transaction work.

En echo à la parution de “Race Against the Machine: How the Digital Revolution is Accelerating Innovation, Driving Productivity, and Irreversibly…

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